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AlgoTiles is an awesome app for kids to learn programming. It was created in less than 48 hours during Hackathon Cyprus 2016.

AlgoTiles screenshot

It has been implemented by:

For an Ultra High Definition demonstration we have added a gif below [TODO] and a few photos at the end.

Its a great combination between scratch, the programming language created by MIT for kids to learn algorithmic logic and Legos, that you can physically use to build things. Kids from 4-101 can learn basic algorithmic principles by programming using colored tiles. Literally, you can build a program just by moving the colored tiles on your desk, floor, or even on an A4 paper. You can use the android application we created (soon on iOS as well*) to take a photo of the tiles. The application reads your tiles, converts them to commands, and your agent can move in a labyrinth based on the commands you just wrote. Beware of bombs (they are dangerous some times)!

Wait, THERE IS MORE! You can use the application to create your own levels and then arrange the tiles to algorithmically tell the player how to move within the maze. aMAZEing, isn't it? If you don't want the levels we have created for you, you can load and play any level you create at any time.

Our app is currently on version 63.0. Take that Google Chrome :)


*That was a joke.. for now :)

Step 0: Cut your papers into tiles of the same size. Add them into A3 paper (8x4) Step 0 Step 1: Open AlgoTiles app! Step 1 Step 2.a: Press Take Photo button and take a photo of your Solution on the app Step 2 Step 2.b: Your photo should be something similar to that. Step 2 Step 3: Load the picture and watch your agent execute your commands and move on the labyrinth!. Step 3