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An example todos app built with Remake.js
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Get the app running

  1. npm install
  2. npm run dev
  3. enable livereload browser extension

Important: Don't just run node server.js because the front-end JS won't get transpiled. Use npm run dev instead.

Getting Started with Remake.js

  • You're free to modify whatever you want. Add user accounts, play around with how the data is saved -- whatever! It's your project!
  • However, the only files you should have to edit to get started in Remake.js are the templates and JSON files in the ./templates folder.


  • The pages are defined in ./templates/pages. They're automatically rendered based on the route that's defined in their ./templates/pages/{pageName}/config.json file.


  • A good practice is to split your sub-templates off into partials and include them in the ./templates/partials directory in their own folder. Then you can reference your partials from your page templates using a relative path.
  • Also, partial templates defined in the ./templates/partials directory will be automatically rendered for you when you use Remake's special data-i-new attribute, rendering them with the data that's in in their ./templates/partials/{partialName}/data.json file.


  • This web app is server rendered (like all Remake.js web apps). It uses Nunjucks for the templating, which is very similar to Jinja. You can find the docs for Nunjucks here.


  • This app doesn't implement real user accounts yet (they're just simulated). You need to implement user accounts that have their own data yourself or wait for a version of Remake that has real user accounts built in. However, if you just want to play around with Remake.js, this is the perfect project to start with.
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