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Simple but highly customizable compontent thanks to props like:

Property Type Description Default
isPrimary boolean Adds shadow to button false
isOutline boolean Makes outline button (without fill, but backgroundColor prop is still important). Disabled if isPrimary is true false
isIcon boolean Shows icon inside button true
icon string Icon name. Please use icon names from Material Icons Docs pan_tool
label string Sets button label Hello Friend!
backgroundColor string Sets fill color for default and primary button. Sets border and text color for outline button #F59D0D
textColor string Sets text color. If isOutline is true this prop is overridden by backgroundColor #FFFFFF
fontFamily enum Sets font family (only few basic system typefaces) -apple-system
fontSize enum Sets font size (you can set value from 12 to 24) 16
fontWeight enum Sets text weight (you can set value from 100 to 900) 600
textTransform enum Sets text transform (none, lowercase, uppercase) none
letterSpacing number Sets space between letters (from 0 to 50) 2
borderRadius number Sets button radius 8
borderWidth number Sets button border width 1


To create link button with proper tap target, just set button as outline and then border width to 0

Twitter: @panr ・ Github: panr ・ Website: