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[resty-gwt 1.1 Events]

  • implement @CacheLifetime annotation wich is processed by CachingCallbackFilter
  • always use onResponseReceived in FilterawareRetryingCallback, even in error cases which always prefills the method with the response object for later callback handling
  • added explicit NULL check in JsonEncoderDecoder for SafeHTML type
  • fix bug with generic types in response where only one (the first occuring) generic jsonencoderdecoder was compiled to javascript. this only happened in production mode
  • increase GWT dep to 2.2

resty-gwt 1.2, un-released

  • Add support for Sending Lists and Sets as repeated parameters.
  • Add support for byte data type
  • Added JSON support for Unix timestamps and null values.
  • create Domain annotation to be able to identify the information about what domain this service affects later on. this can be used to invalidate caching entries by domain.
  • after unsuccessful retrying we will not call window.alert if there is a callback available. instead use onError in this case.
  • no retrying behaviour on 301, 302 or 404, fallback to error handler in this case directly
  • call onError in org.fusesource.restygwt.client.callback.FilterawareRetryingCallback when there is a !GET error request
  • refactor caching, retrying and other configurable stuff to be located in DispatcherFilter or CallbackFilter
  • add scoped QueueableRuntimeCache to be able to invalidate a particular ident, e.g. a domain scope.
  • add definition for org.fusesource.restygwt.annotationresolver @see
  • add ability to take part of the compilation process by registering org.fusesource.restygwt.rebind.AnnotationResolver in org.fusesource.restygwt.rebind.BindingDefaults
  • add some example for triggering ModelChangeEvent from a MethodCallback

resty-gwt 1.1, released 2010-03-10

  • have the integration tests use the same gwt version as the main project. (Hiram Chirino)
  • Added a download profile to find recent scala artifacts. (Hiram Chirino)
  • Update the scalate library and its build dependencies. (Jon Buffington)
  • Support GWT release 2.2.0. (Jon Buffington)
  • Remove execute bits from license text file. (Jon Buffington)
  • in case the response gets served from the cache keep the async-nature of the call (kristian)
  • allow MethodCallback in RestService (kristian)
  • Convert tabs to spaces. (Hiram Chirino)
  • restygwt-25 changed toString() to name() (jroyals)
  • added some docu for the attribute annotation (kristian)
  • Added: Jackson Annotations which are used by the polymorphic api. They are Apache 2.0 licensed so shouldn't cause a problem form that point of view. (Charlie Mason)
  • Added: Polymorphic Sub Classes to the user guide. (Charlie Mason)
  • Fixed: Merge conflict with recent upstream changes. (Charlie Mason)
  • Added: Added Jackson style polymorphic serialisation and deserialisation. (Charlie Mason)
  • Look for @Produces/@Consumes on method and if not found, then look on methods enclosing type. (Jason Dillon)
  • Fix compile error. (Hiram Chirino)
  • use htmlunit so the integration tests are actually running via invoker (kristian)
  • annotate an attribute from a resource to used as PathParam (kristian)
  • Added the ability for boolean setters to not only be formatted as isFoo(), but getFoo() and hasFoo(). (jlarsen)
  • Fix typo. Also trying to fix. #19 (Hiram Chirino)
  • Fix sp (Jason Dillon)
  • Fixes issue #16 : RequestException does not handle server 500 responses (Hiram Chirino)
  • rename doAction to send. (Hiram Chirino)
  • Build the website by default. (Hiram Chirino)
  • Fixed autogenned license header (jlarsen)
  • Fixed a bug with the RestServicClassCreator where you couldn't have a chained hierarchy of services and added RestActions that will map to the various rest actions available and allow us to inject the RestActions into our application. (jlarsen)
  • Better resource path resolution.. (Hiram Chirino)
  • More doco. (Hiram Chirino)
  • Simplify dispatcher interface slightly. (Hiram Chirino)
  • tweaking deployment location. (Hiram Chirino)
  • converted static website to be scalate based. (Hiram Chirino)
  • Added a @JSONP annotation that can be used to mark methods as using the JSONP protocol. (Hiram Chirino)
  • Allow configuring the timeout via @Options (Hiram Chirino)
  • Allow configuring the expected status via the Option annotation. (Hiram Chirino)
  • allowing the dispatcher to be configured on service interfaces. (Hiram Chirino)
  • added missing license headers - Simplified the Dispatcher interface, eliminated the factory since they were easy to convert to stateless singletons. - Dispatcher can now be configured at a per method leve (Hiram Chirino)
  • remove the fork notes. (Hiram Chirino)
  • pom updates. (Hiram Chirino)
  • Introduction of a dispatcher, generated by a DispatcherFactory - Dispatcher can be exchanged by 3rd party code easily => Custom caching rules become possible - The dispatcher also is responsible for the callback used => an implementation of a retrying Callback is supplied. - The Dispatcher is fetched and used in Method.send() - Automatic retrying of callbacks (often connections are flaky) (rbauer)
  • factored out the common part of the integration-tests into a parent pom (kristian)
  • moved internal maven properties which are recommended by maven3 (kristian)
  • Use ${project.* instead of deprecated (Jason Dillon)
  • Normalize Resource.path to not trail with a "/" so that when resolving relative resource, we can safely insert a "/" separator. This should handle @Path on type + @Path on method better w/o relying on the @Path to add "/". (Jason Dillon)
  • Make sure service root always ends with a "/" (Jason Dillon)
  • Make sure service root always ends with a "/" (Jason Dillon)
  • added support for @Consumes @Produces annotations. (Hiram Chirino)
  • basic setup for tests (rbauer)
  • added ignores for usage with eclipse (rbauer)
  • added - versioning for gwt and gwt-maven-plugin - 1.6 jdk (rbauer)
  • back to original (Raphael Bauer)
  • back to original name (rbauer)
  • renamed servlet => to avoid naming conflicts with maven surfire plugin. The servlet is not "test" after all... (rbauer)
  • typo (rbauer)
  • formatting issue (rbauer)
  • added igores for usage with eclipse (rbauer)
  • added - versioning for gwt and gwt-maven-plugin - 1.6 jdk (rbauer)
  • basic setup for tests (rbauer)
  • Correctly Serialize JsArrays (Kyle Butt)
  • Add support for more than just 200 as a successful return code. (Kyle Butt)
  • Add support for receiving a Json Array as an Overlay Object (Kyle Butt)
  • fixes issue 13 : Allow customization of the JSONP callback parameter (Hiram Chirino)
  • fixes issue 13 : Allow customization of the JSONP callback parameter (Hiram Chirino)
  • Fix JSONNull handling in decode (JRoyals)

resty-gwt 1.0, released 2010-09-27

  • Initial Release