Mongoose plugin adding a thumbnail field to a schema - useful for expressjs image file uploads
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About mongoose-thumbnail

mongoose plugin that adds a thumbnail field to a mongoose schema. This is especially suited to handle image file uploads with nodejs/expressjs.


npm install mongoose-thumbnail


The plugin adds a thumbnail field to the mongoose schema. As it uses mongoose-file internally, the added field has all the mongoose-file field sub-properties. Please refer to mongoose-file documentation to understand basic usage.

In addition to the sub-fields carried by mongoose-file, this plugin creates an additional sub-field, named by default thumb. Depending on the inline plugin option, the thumbnail field may contain additional sub-fields containing the thumbnail file properties, or could be a string containing the Data URI encoded thumbnail.

In addition those pertaining to mongoose-file, the following options are available:

  • thumb - the name of the thumbnail sub-field (defaults to thumb)
  • format - the image format for the thumbnail (defaults to jpg)
  • size - the side size of the thumbnail (by default 96)
  • thumb_prefix - the prefix for the thumbnail files (defaults to t_)
  • inline - if true the thumbnail is not saved to a file but directly in the mongoose document, in the thumbnail sub-field, encoded as a string using the Data URI scheme (defaults to false)
  • save - if true the model instance is saved after every assignment to the image field (change to the file sub-property) (defaults to true)

Please note that this library re-exports also filePlugin and make_upload_to_model.


var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var thumbnailPluginLib = require('mongoose-thumbnail');
var thumbnailPlugin = thumbnailPluginLib.thumbnailPlugin;
var make_upload_to_model = thumbnailPluginLib.make_upload_to_model;


var uploads_base = path.join(__dirname, "uploads");
var uploads = path.join(uploads_base, "u");

var SampleSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
SampleSchema.plugin(thumbnailPlugin, {
	name: "photo",
	format: "png",
	size: 80,
	inline: false,
	save: true,
	upload_to: make_upload_to_model(uploads, 'photos'),
	relative_to: uploads_base
var SampleModel = db.model("SampleModel", SampleSchema);


mongoose = require 'mongoose'
filePluginLib = require 'mongoose-thumbnail'
filePlugin = filePluginLib.filePlugin
make_upload_to_model = filePluginLib.make_upload_to_model

uploads_base = path.join(__dirname, "uploads")
uploads = path.join(uploads_base, "u")

SampleSchema = new mongoose.Schema
SampleSchema.plugin thumbnailPlugin
	name: "photo"
	format: "png"
	size: 80
	inline: false
	save: true
	upload_to: make_upload_to_model(uploads, 'photos')
	relative_to: uploads_base
SampleModel = db.model("SampleModel", SampleSchema)

Using with express

PictureSchema = new mongoose.Schema
  title: String
PictureSchema.plugin thumbnailPlugin
  name: "photo"
  inline: false
Picture = db.model("Picture", PictureSchema)

... "/upload", (req, res, next) ->
  picture = new Picture({title: req.body.title})
  picture.set('image.file', req.files.image) (err) ->
    return next(err)  if (err)
  res.redirect '/'

Now in a Jade template, you could have something like:

<img src="/{{ picture.image.thumb.rel }}" />

Otherwise, using thumbnail inlining:

PictureSchema = new mongoose.Schema
  title: String
PictureSchema.plugin thumbnailPlugin,
  name: "photo"
  inline: true
Picture = db.model("Picture", PictureSchema)

the template would use:

<img src="{{ picture.image.thumb }}" />

Bugs and pull requests

Please use the github repository to notify bugs and make pull requests.


This software is © 2012 Marco Pantaleoni, released under the MIT licence. Use it, fork it.

See the LICENSE file for details.