Ayende's interview question, coded in Swift
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Ayende's interview question

Coded in Swift, as an excercise.

The task is described here.

We have the following file (the full data set is 276 MB), that contains the entry / exit log to a parking lot.

Image from ayende.com blog

The first value is the entry time, the second is the exit time and the third is the car id.

Details about this file: This is UTF8 text file with space separated values using Windows line ending.

What we need to do is to find out how much time a car spent in the lot based on this file.

The data and the original solution are included inside /task directory. You need to unzip it before you start. There is also short.txt, which is a smaller dataset, suitable for testing.


cd cloned-project-directory
unzip task/data.zip -d task/
swift build
./.build/debug/ayende ./task/data.txt 
# or
./.build/debug/ayende < ./task/data.txt 


There seems to be a bug with StreamReader which corrupts console output in some cases. You're better off using the stdin method.