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Pantheon Documentation

This repository contains the Pantheon documentation, as well as the tools to build local test environments.


  • 8/5/19: We've relaunched the project using Gatsby for faster development, and much faster page speed.


Our docs are written in Markdown, extended with MDX components. The pages live in source/content. Read for more details on contributing documentation improvements.

Style Guide

Read our Style Guide for our guidelines on how to write documentation.

Local Installation


  • MacOS or Linux system (untested with Bash on Windows)

  • Node.js

  • Gatsby CLI:

    npm install -g gatsby-cli

Get the Code

Fork and clone this repository.

git clone



cd documentation/
npm ci

GitHub Token

We use the gatsby-remark-embed-snippet to use files from GitHub in our docs. Before you can build a local development site, you need to provide a GitHub token to the environment:

  1. Log in to GitHub and go to

  2. Click Generate new token

  3. Give it a name and click the public_repo checkbox, then the Generate Token button at the bottom

  4. Copy the token to your clipboard.

  5. Create or edit .env.development, and add (replacing $TOKENHASH ):



cd documentation/
gatsby develop

You can view the local environment at localhost:8000/. Updates to docs are automatically refreshed in the browser.


We include several tools to test that new content doesn't break the documentation. Most of these tests are performed automatically by our continuous integration service, but pull requests created from external contributors aren't included in CI tests. If you want to manually test your branch, you can execute the following tests within the Docker container.

Merge Conflicts

To check for merge conflict messages accidentally committed into the docs, run from scripts.