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Pantheon Documentation

This repository contains the Pantheon documentation, as well as the tools to build local test environmnets.


Our docs are written in PHP Markdown, and live in source/_docs. Read for more details on contributing documentation improvements.

Style Guide

Read for our guidelines on how to write documentation.

Get the Code

Fork and clone this repository. Issue pull requests per document.

Local Setup (Optional)

If you would like to develop documentation locally and see your work, we offer a Docker containerized solution.


  • MacOS or Linux system (untested on Bash on Windows)
  • Docker


  1. Clone the repository to your project directory:

    cd ~/projects
    git clone
    git clone
  2. Pull the Docker image:

    docker image pull pantheonsystems/documentation


  1. From the project root, execute the script:

    cd documentation

    Note:: This will occupy the terminal in which you invoke the script, providing output when files are changed or loaded. Use CTRL + C to exit.

    You should see:

    Creating the Docker container...
    Container built and running. 👍👍
    Building the latest docs...
    Detected new or updated files
    Generating: 100% (1035 sources / 0.06 seconds)
    Converting: 100% (1122 sources / 8.04 seconds)
    Formatting: 100% (1122 sources / 2.73 seconds)
    Processing completed in 12.20 seconds
    Running "watch" task

    Once running, you can view the local dev environment by visiting http://localhost:8000/docs in your browser.

    The Docker image will mount the source directory from the project root on your computer, and rebuild when you save changes:

    /documentation/source/_docs/ was changed. Building...
    Detected new or updated files
    Generating: 100% (1035 sources / 0.04 seconds)
    Converting: 100% (1122 sources / 5.73 seconds)
    Formatting: 100% (1122 sources / 2.01 seconds)
    Processing completed in 9.05 seconds
  2. When you're done, run:

    docker container stop pantheon-docs

Update The Docs

The pantheon-docs container mounts the documentation/source directory from your computer, so the image remains evergreen as long as the toolset is unchanged. To update your local project with the latest version of the docs, you need only pull them from git:

git pull origin

Update The App

  1. To update the documentation build locally run:



We include several tools to test that new content doesn't break the documentation. Most of these tests are performed automatically by our continuous integration service, but pull requests created from external contributors aren't included in CI tests. If you want to manually test your branch, you can execute the following tests within the Docker container.

Merge Conflicts

To check for merge conflict messages accidentally commited into the docs, run the script:

docker exec pantheon-docs scripts/
Merge conflict:pass


To make sure all relative links (like /docs/support/) are correct, run

docker exec pantheon-docs htmlproofer --assume-extension  ./output_dev/ --disable-external true


We use grunt to manage accessibility tests:

docker exec pantheon-docs node_modules/.bin/grunt test
Running "a11y:dev" (a11y) task

Done, without errors.


Checks for visual regression:

docker exec pantheon-docs wraith capture wraith.yaml


docker exec pantheon-docs bin/behat