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LevelDB #2

merged 40 commits into from Dec 14, 2012

2 participants

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davidstrauss and others added some commits Nov 30, 2012
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Building with LevelDB 1d83aec
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Progress ad0220e
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Merge branch 'master' of
…into leveldb
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Cache fixes 3f6b997
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Working basic cache. 6345d84
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Iterator fixes. 2502594
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Comment out slow logging. Free memory from getting cache items. 7e006d6
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Add prefix for direct-child iteration. 9fa6b0b
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Fixes 0af9bfd
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Work to support a directory listing TTL. 4f2311a
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Initial progressive PROPFIND support. 4a670ea
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Cache coherency fixes. efb824c
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Bugfixes 625b76f
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Separate out logging. cc6c23c
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Remove unnecessary includes. 5d34482
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Remove CVS cruft. 5a46c98
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Add log files. 2e48601
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Many file creation optimizations. 1c4c9e5
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Permissions support for Pantheon. ee1d770
@jerryblakley jerryblakley At beginning of testing ldb_filecache 85c099e
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Ignore some build files. e9098f6
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Add README 2fdd855
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Ignore other build files. 1371a2f
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Options cleanup ded577a
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Options cleanup 8aa5603
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Add progressive_propfind option. 0074770
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Many fixes. 4b42695
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Drop unused function. 8e7f52e
@davidstrauss davidstrauss TODO cleanup 3d15fcd
@davidstrauss davidstrauss comment cef9d64
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Drop unused variable. 158b05f
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Validate the freshness of stat items. 2ee3fe1
@jerryblakley jerryblakley Working version; about to merge in from David's branch 9efc65b
@jerryblakley jerryblakley removed filecache.c filecache.h: Lennart's code 4c15879
@jerryblakley jerryblakley Merge branch 'leveldb' of
…into jbleveldb

@davidstrauss davidstrauss Fix TODO e64a290
@jerryblakley jerryblakley Added initial etag support to open 03513cf
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Merge branch 'leveldb' of
…into jbleveldb
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Working ETag validation. 54ec2e2
@davidstrauss davidstrauss Fix verbosity. c8b9a6d
@davidstrauss davidstrauss merged commit c3f4369 into master Dec 14, 2012
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