WP-CLI Plugin to run checks against installation for Performance and Security
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WP Launch Check

WP Launch Check is an extension for WP-CLI designed for Pantheon.io WordPress customers. While designed initially for the Pantheon dashboard it is intended to be fully usable outside of Pantheon.

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To use WP Launch Check simply run the wp launchcheck <subcommand> command like you would any other WP-CLI command.

For more information about WP-CLI you can visit their github page.

WP Launch Check should be considered in "BETA". Many of the checks have still not been tested in the wild. If you experience a problem please open an issue.


Installing this package requires WP-CLI v0.23.0 or greater. Update to the latest stable release with wp cli update.

Once you've done so, you can install this package with wp package install pantheon-systems/wp_launch_check.

Available commands

Below is a summary of the available commands. Full technical description of each check run by each command can be found in the CHECKS.md

  • wp launchcheck cron : Checks whether cron is enabled and what jobs are scheduled
  • wp launchcheck general: General checks for data and best practice, i.e. are you running the debug-bar plugin or have WP_DEBUG defined? This will tell you.
  • wp launchcheck database: Checks related to the databases.
  • wp launchcheck objectcache: Checks whether object caching is enabled and if on Pantheon whether redis is enabled.
  • wp launchcheck sessions: Checks for plugins refering to the php session_start() function or the superglobal $SESSION variable. In either case, if you are on a cloud/distributed platform you will need additional configuration achieve the expected functionality
  • wp launchcheck secure: Does some rudimentary security checks
  • wp launchcheck plugins: Checks plugins for updates and known vulnerabilities