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add THANKS to readme.

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commit 00a8d0fbb6767de0a1c07f7e0109c0cdd48c9510 1 parent e499d66
robin x42 authored

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@@ -185,3 +185,10 @@ files. The setBfree git-repository includes a script to build universal binary
185 185 and create a DMG. However this script assumes that universal (PPC, i386,
186 186 x86-64) versions of the JACK-libraries as well as zita-convolver and libsndfile
187 187 are available in /usr/local/ on the build-host.
  188 +
  189 +Thanks
  190 +------
  191 +
  192 +Many thanks to all who contributed ideas, bug-reports, patches and feedback. In
  193 +Particular (in alphabetical order): Dominique Michel, Fons Adriaensen, Jeremy
  194 +Jongepier, Julien Claasen and Ken Restivo.

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