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WCT Timer
Visual Basic .NET
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WCT Timer

A program to curb people's addiction as well as setting timers, stopwatches, and even shutting down ones computer

Latest Version

The latest version is 4.0.2, which was released on February 24, 2020.

Downloading the Program

Releases can be found here

Compiling Source Code

Simply clone this project, and use Visual Studio 2019 to edit and build your program!


The license for this program and all other programs created by WCT is governed by the GPLv3 license, which allows users to freely reproduce this program without any type or form of warranty.


Download and install the program under the releases tab, and when done, click the shortcut placed on your desktop. When loaded, use the corresponding tabs to set your timer. When time is up, it will go into a mode called Break mode, where your screen will be replaced with a message to take a break (Not maliciously!)

Questions and concerns?

Contact us by going to our website and filling out the info.

© 2020 WCT Corporation. This content may not be used for commercial purposes.

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