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It appears that guard picks up changes and updates the documentation, but the updated documentation is not visible through the yard server. It keep serving the original docs.

[Guard::Yard] Starting YARD Documentation Server. 
[Guard::Yard] Server successfully started.

=> Docs are generated, everything peachy.

[Guard::Yard] Detected changes in lib/portal_import.rb.
[Guard::Yard] Updated documentation for lib/portal_import.rb.

=> Nope, docs are not updated

Any clues on what's happening here? Removing .yardoc en restarting guard generates the docs fine, but updates are not visible in the yard server.

My Guard file is very straight forward:

guard 'yard' do                                                                                               

There's no logging other than what I mentioned above (besides output from thin starting up).

I'm using all the-latest-and-greatest gem versions.


Seeing this issue too, in addition to the #4 I reported.


I have this issue too. Please, dear guard-yard maintainer, take a look at it.


Hi, sorry for the ridiculously delayed response. I haven't been getting notifications for this repository. I just booted up a simple project and was unable to reproduce this error. Are you still experiencing this issue?


I just started using this gem and experiencing the same problem, the guard console shows that the changes was detected but the server shows the old version, if I open directly the html file in the browser (file://) the file is the updated one.

Looks an issue with the webserver caching when it should not ;)


I have the same problem.


@schmurfy @ariejan @KonstantinReido if you could provide a sample gist/application that reproduces the issue I can try to help you out.


I found out that problem is reproduced when I use thin as server

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