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Collect Zipkin spans for v2 engine #7342

Add integration test

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cattibrie committed Mar 15, 2019
commit 070d4990ef98c49b0606062578e622067124c2d5
@@ -151,8 +151,8 @@ def executing(self):
metrics = self._scheduler.metrics()
if self._scheduler.metrics_have_engine_workunits():
engine_workunits = self._scheduler.engine_workunits()
engine_workunits = self._scheduler.engine_workunits()
if engine_workunits:

@@ -174,8 +174,9 @@ def prefork(self, options, options_bootstrapper):
if graph_len > 0:
self._logger.debug('graph len was {}, waiting for initial watchman event'.format(graph_len))

session = self._graph_helper.new_session(options.for_global_scope().v2_ui)
v2_ui = options.for_global_scope().v2_ui
zipkin_trace_v2 = options.for_scope('reporting').zipkin_trace_v2
session = self._graph_helper.new_session(zipkin_trace_v2, v2_ui)
if options.for_global_scope().loop:
return session, self._prefork_loop(session, options, options_bootstrapper)
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ def mk_scheduler(self,
return scheduler.new_session()
return scheduler.new_session(zipkin_trace_v2=False)

def context_with_scheduler(self, scheduler, *args, **kwargs):
return self.context(*args, scheduler=scheduler, **kwargs)
@@ -214,9 +214,27 @@ def test_get_type_match_failure(self):
self.scheduler.product_request(A, [Params(TypeCheckFailWrapper(A()))])

def test_trace_includes_rule_exception_traceback(self):
<<<<<<< Updated upstream
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cosmicexplorer Mar 15, 2019


You'll probably want to remove these conflict markers! Does there need to be any change here?

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cattibrie Mar 18, 2019

Author Contributor

Danny, thank you! This is not my change.

# Execute a request that will trigger the nested raise, and then directly inspect its trace.
request = self.scheduler.execution_request([A], [B()])
rules = [

scheduler = create_scheduler(rules)
request = scheduler._native.new_execution_request()
subject = B()
scheduler.add_root_selection(request, subject, A)
session = scheduler.new_session(zipkin_trace_v2=False)
scheduler._run_and_return_roots(session._session, request)

trace = '\n'.join(scheduler.graph_trace(request))
# NB removing location info to make trace repeatable
trace = remove_locations_from_traceback(trace)
>>>>>>> Stashed changes

trace = remove_locations_from_traceback('\n'.join(self.scheduler.trace(request)))
assert_equal_with_printing(self, dedent('''
@@ -237,6 +237,27 @@ def test_zipkin_reporter_with_zero_sample_rate(self):
num_of_traces = len(ZipkinHandler.traces)
self.assertEqual(num_of_traces, 0)

def test_zipkin_reporter_for_v2_engine(self):
ZipkinHandler = zipkin_handler()
with http_server(ZipkinHandler) as port:
endpoint = "http://localhost:{}".format(port)
command = [

pants_run = self.run_pants(command)

num_of_traces = len(ZipkinHandler.traces)
self.assertEqual(num_of_traces, 1)

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cosmicexplorer Mar 19, 2019


There's a method assert_single_element() I added a while ago for cases like this:

def assert_single_element(iterable):
"""Get the single element of `iterable`, or raise an error.

Here, you could write:

from pants.util.collections import assert_single_element
# ...
   trace = assert_single_element(ZipkinHandler.traces)

which would raise an exception if there was not exactly 1 trace.

You do not need to use it at all, I have just found it useful to make it more clear what is being tested.

trace = ZipkinHandler.traces[-1]
self.assertTrue(any("Scandir" in span['name'] for span in trace),
"There is no span that contains 'Scandir' in it's name. The trace: {}".format(trace))

def find_spans_by_name(trace, name):
return [span for span in trace if span['name'] == name]
@@ -399,7 +399,7 @@ def _init_engine(cls):
cls._scheduler = graph_session.scheduler_session
cls._build_graph, cls._address_mapper = graph_session.create_build_graph(
TargetRoots([]), cls._build_root()
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