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Cleanup unnecessary code from #7776 for `./pants binary` interpreter constraints #7842

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Just for now

@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@
from pex.pex_builder import PEXBuilder
from pex.pex_info import PexInfo

from pants.backend.python.interpreter_cache import PythonInterpreterCache
from pants.backend.python.subsystems.pex_build_util import (PexBuilderWrapper,
has_python_sources, has_resources,
@@ -36,7 +35,6 @@ def subsystem_dependencies(cls):
return super(PythonBinaryCreate, cls).subsystem_dependencies() + (

@@ -104,18 +102,6 @@ def execute(self):
atomic_copy(pex_path, pex_copy)'created pex {}'.format(os.path.relpath(pex_copy, get_buildroot())))

def _validate_interpreter_constraints(self, constraint_tgts):
"""Validate that the transitive constraints of the given PythonBinary target are compatible.
If no (local) interpreter can satisfy all of the given targets, raises
TODO: This currently does so by finding a concrete local interpreter that matches all of the
constraints, but it is possible to do this in memory instead.

def _create_binary(self, binary_tgt, results_dir):
"""Create a .pex file for the specified binary target."""
# Note that we rebuild a chroot from scratch, instead of using the REQUIREMENTS_PEX
@@ -154,9 +140,10 @@ def _create_binary(self, binary_tgt, results_dir):
if is_python_target(tgt):

# Add interpreter compatibility constraints to pex info. This will first check the targets for any
# constraints, and if they do not have any will resort to the global constraints.
# Add interpreter compatibility constraints to pex info. Note that we only add the constraints for the final
# binary target itself, not its dependencies. The upstream interpreter selection tasks will already validate that
# there are no compatibility conflicts among the dependencies and target. If the binary target does not have
# `compatibility` in its BUILD entry, the global --python-setup-interpreter-constraints will be used.

# Dump everything into the builder's chroot.
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