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@jsirois jsirois released this Mar 25, 2020 · 3 commits to master since this release


This release brings more robust control of the Pex cache (PEX_ROOT).

The --cache-dir setting is deprecated in favor of build time control of the cache location with
--pex-root and new support for control of the cache's runtime location with --runtime-pex-root
is added. As in the past, the PEX_ROOT environment variable can still be used to control the
cache's runtime location.

Unlike in the past, the Pex PEX
we release can now also be controlled via the PEX_ROOT environment variable. Consult the CLI help
for --no-strip-pex-env to find out more.

  • Sanitize PEX_ROOT handling. (#929)
  • Fix PEX_* env stripping and allow turning off. (#932)
  • Remove second urllib import from compatibility (#931)
  • Adding --runtime-pex-root option. (#780)
  • Improve interpreter not found error messages. (#928)
  • Add detail in interpreter selection error message. (#927)
  • Respect Requires-Python in PEXEnvironment. (#923)
  • Pin our tox version in CI for stability. (#924)
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