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NSView Frames vs Bounds

  • Both are NSRect properties expressing a view’s location and size.
  • View's location and sized expressed in two ways:
    • Frame is in terms of superview's coordinate system.
    • Bounds is in terms of local coordinate system.
  • Prior Misconception: Bounds size is always the same as Frame size. It’s easy to think this because updating a view’s frame scales its bounds accordingly.
  • But actually... a view’s frames and bounds might be different from each other caused by:
    • Setting a view’s bounds directly does not scale its frame.
    • Scaling a view using scaleUnitSquareToSize: updates its bounds, but not its frame.
    • Rotating a view with boundsRotation updates its bounds, but not its frame.
  • When to use frame?
    • When using a view, e.g., creating, positioning.
  • When to use bounds?
    • When implementing a view, e.g., drawing, event handling.