watch message received from LoRaWan server with gateway and application
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watch message received loraserver/gateway/application by LoRaWAN™


watch.exe --mqtt-server tcp:// --gw-topic gateway/+/stats --app-topic application/+/node/+/rx


  1. gateway/[MAC]/stats --Topic for gateway statistics
  2. gateway/[MAC]/rx --Topic for received packets (from nodes)
  3. gateway/[MAC]/tx --Topic for publishing packets to be transmitted by the given gateway.


  1. application/[AppEUI]/node/[DevEUI]/tx --Applications are able to send data to the nodes
  2. application/[AppEUI]/node/[DevEUI]/rx --To receive data from your node
  3. application/[AppEUI]/node/[DevEUI]/join --Topic for join notifications
  4. application/[AppEUI]/node/[DevEUI]/ack --Topic for ACK notifications.
  5. application/[AppEUI]/node/[DevEUI]/error --Topic for error notifications.
  6. application/[AppEUI]/node/[DevEUI]/rxinfo --Topic for for rx information of received packets (e.g. frequency, bandwidth, ADR, ...)


  1. application/[AppEUI]/node/[DevEUI]/rxinfo --Topic on which RX related information is published for each received packet.
  2. application/[AppEUI]/node/[DevEUI]/mac/rx --Topic for received MAC commands (from the nodes).
  3. application/[appEUI]/node/[DevEUI]/mac/error --Topic for error notifications
  4. application/[AppEUI]/node/[DevEUI]/mac/tx --Topic for sending MAC commands to the node


  1. loraserver
  2. lora-gateway-bridge
  3. loraserverdoc