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The Delphi-OpenAPI library is an OpenAPI 3.0 document generator and parser for Delphi using the Neon serializer
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openapi-delphi.png OpenAPI-Delphi logo Jun 3, 2019

OpenAPI for Delphi - OpenAPI 3.0 generator for Delphi

OpenAPI Delphi Library

What is OpenAPI-Delphi

OpenAPI-Delphi is an OpenAPI 3.0 generator for Delphi that helps you to generate OpenAPI 3.0 documentation (in JSON) starting from plain Delphi classes. Delphi-OpenAPI uses the Neon serialization library to transform the OpenAPI models from Delphi classes to JSON. Please take a look at the Demo to see OpenAPI-Delphi in action.

General Features

  • Use plain Delphi classes to set the OpenAPI specification fields
  • Support for JSON Schema (the OpenAPI version)
  • Use 1-line code (using the Neon library) to transform into the JSON document
  • Validation for the OpenAPI models (todo)


  • Better management of null objects (required by the OpenAPI specs)
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