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+## About to create a new Github Issue?
+We appreciate that. But before you do, please learn our basic rules:
+* This is not a support or discussion forum. If you have a question, please ask it on [The Cukes Google Group](
+* Do you have a feature request? Then don't expect it to be implemented unless you or someone else sends a [pull request](
+* Reporting a bug? We need to know what compiler, operating system and architecture (32 or 64 bit) you are using, including versions of all libraries. Bugs with [pull requests]( get fixed quicker. Some bugs may never be fixed.
+* You have to tell us how to reproduce a bug. Bonus point for a [pull request]( with a failing test that reproduces the bug.
+* Want to paste some code or output? Put \`\`\` on a line above and below your code/output. See [GFM]('s *Fenced Code Blocks* for details.
+* We love [pull requests](, but if you don't have a test to go with it we probably won't merge it.
+## Contributing
+Before you can contribute, you have to be able to build the source and run tests.
+### The Github Process
+The process for using git/github is similar to the [Github-Flow](
+* **Anything** in the master branch is good enough to release
+* Working on nontrivial features
+ + Create a descriptively named branch off of master
+ + Commit to that branch locally and regularly
+ + Push your work to the same named branch on the server
+ + Regularly rebase this branch from master to keep it up to date
+* Open a pull request
+ + When you need feedback or help
+ + You think the branch is ready for merging (you can use the [hub]( command-line tool)
+* For any nontrivial change, if you have the rights to merge the pull request yourself, wait before someone else has reviewed and agreed on the change
+Here is an [Example]( of this process in action
+#### Tips for good commits
+1. Read up on [Github Flavored Markdown](
+ + Especially links and syntax highlighting. GFM can be used in tickets as well as commit messages (e.g. put "#4" somewhere in a commit message to link ticket 4 to that commit
+2. Close tickets with commits if you can
+ + Add "Closes #5, #9" somewhere in the commit message to both link and close. See [Issues 2.0 the Next Generation]( for details.
+ + Use [this script]( to compile and view GFM locally
+3. Tag issues so we can do better triage and assignment.
+ + People tend to gravitate towards areas of expertise and tags makes it easier to give a ticket to the right person.
+4. Update
+ + When you fix a bug or add a feature
+ + Add release dates
+5. Subscribe to ticket feeds so you stay in the loop and get a chance to provide feedback on tickets
+6. The code standard is the existing code
+ + Use the same indentation, spacing, line ending and UTF-8 everywhere.
+7. Use git diff (or git diff --cached if you have staged) before every commit
+ + This helps you avoid committing changes you didn't mean to
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+## In Git
+### New Features
+* Replaced USING_CONTEXT with ScenarioScope<T> ([27256e9]( Paolo Ambrosio)
+* Changed include name from core.hpp to defs.hpp ([5bbac06]( Paolo Ambrosio)
+* Project rename from CukeBins to Cucumber-Cpp ([efecfd0]( Paolo Ambrosio)
+### Bugfixes
+* Fixed socket server bug in VS2012 forcing Boost 1.51 ([#57]( Jared Szechy, [e41a9b7]( Paolo Ambrosio)
+* Fixed crashes on some architectures ([#52]( Sabst)
+* Fixed AFTER hook ordering issue ([#43]( Greg Williams)
+* Added default empty constructor to work with less permissive gcc 4.6 settings ([#38]( Hugo Ferreira)
+## [0.2](

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