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This plugin allows you to bulk import records into a table using mysql's 'LOAD DATA INFILE' feature.
It is very similar to ar-extensions import feature, but it seems to be about 30% faster.
all it does is:
- take a list of columns and a 2D Array with the column values
- create a tempfile and put a csv representation of the data in it
- call mysql's LOAD DATA INFILE against the temp file
# Table name: users
# id :integer(11) not null, primary key
# name :string(20)
# surname :string(32)
class User < ActiveRecord::Base
# you need to include this module
include ImportWithLoadDataInFile
cols = [:name, :surname]
vals = [["paolo", "dona"], ["james", "dean"]]
User.import_with_load_data_infile(cols, vals) # this generates a LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE statement
# if your db is on the same machine of the app server, you can switch off the LOCAL flag
User.import_with_load_data_infile(cols, vals, :local => false) # this generates LOAD DATA INFILE
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