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Welcome to Rails Widgets!

Rails Widgets is a collection of UI widgets for Ruby On Rails that you can put in your own application at the speed of light!
They’re lightweight and easy to use, give them a spin!

The widgets are:

  • Tabnav: tabbed navigation
  • Navigation: those cute links you see on the top right corner of every website
  • Tooltips: click there, get a hint, close.
  • Tableizer: turns boring lists into cool and easy to read big boxes.
  • ShowHide: toggle details in a snap.
  • Progressbar: simple css progressbar.
  • SpiffyCorners: generates boxes with rounded corners, all by CSS.

PLEASE NOTE: The last widgets (Nubbins, Column layout) are just ideas and have not been implemented. The slideshow is a bit old now, for up-to-date APIs and documentation, follow the links above.


$ cd your-rails-app
$ script/plugin install git://github.com/paolodona/rails-widgets.git
$ rake widgets:setup

More Info

Contributors like to talk about widgets on their own blog, take a look here:

Where to get help

There are two google groups for this project:

Rails Widgets Users Group

Email: <input type=text name=email><input type=submit name=“sub” value=“Subscribe to the users group”>

Rails Widgets Developers Group

Email: <input type=text name=email><input type=submit name=“sub” value=“Subscribe to the dev group”>

Rails 3

If you upgrade your application to Rails 3 the official tree has issues as the XSS is now the default and Generators now use the Thor library.
There is a fork by nasmorn that alleviates the generator issue and fixes the XSS problem for the tabnav widget, tooltip and thanks to rafaelp also the navigation widget.
If you need some other widget to work either look at the source for tabnav (the changes are trivial) or kindly ask the forker if he can help you out.
If you fix the stuff on your own be sure to send him a pull request.

What if doesn’t work?

» Contribute sending bug reports and patches

Real world applications using Rails Widgets:

feel free to add yours