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SPUTNIK R package
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SPUTNIK: an R package for peak selection of Mass spectrometry imaging data

If you find SPUTNIK useful, please consider citing our work :)

Inglese, P., Correia, G., Takats, Z., Nicholson, J. K. & Glen, R. C. (2018). SPUTNIK: an R package for filtering of spatially related peaks in mass spectrometry imaging data. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England).


SPUTNIK is an R package consisting of a series of tools to filter mass spectrometry imaging peaks characterized by a noisy or unlikely spatial distribution. SPUTNIK can produce mass spectrometry imaging datasets characterized by a smaller but more informative set of peaks, reduce the complexity of subsequent multi-variate analysis and increase the interpretability of the statistical results.


Install from CRAN

To install the CRAN package, run the command:


Install from source

To install it, run the command:


Example SPUTNIK workflow on MALDI mass spectrometry imaging data

Example SPUTNIK workflow on DESI mass spectrometry imaging data

Example data

Two mass spectrometry imaging datasets in RData format are available in a separate repository:

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