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Puppet Module for PHP Laravel Framework

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Puppet Module Laravel

by Nino Paolo Amarillento

Puppet Module for the latest version of Laravel - PHP Framework.

As of Feb 15, 2013 - this will download Laravel 4


I assumed that you have Vagrant environment already, or if you don't have one yet, you can download and run vagrant-lamp.

On git root or toplevel directory run the following.

If you are using my vagrant-lamp

  • git submodule add extras/modules/laravel

Or, if you're not using vagrant-lamp and just your git repo you can do the ff command.

  • git submodule add modules/laravel

Adding laravel to your manifest file

$ vim puppet/manifests/init.pp

At line 40, add the ff line: include laravel

Bash Script

You can also use my bash script to download laravel 4 - - Check it out!

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