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Useful calendar information for HomeKit automations (seasons, week of the year, month of the year, morning twilight/sunrise/daytime/sunset/evening twilight/night)
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Automation - Calendar

Example config.json:

    "accessories": [
            "accessory": "AutomationCalendar",
            "name": "Test",
            "latitude": 51.4825747,
            "longitude": -0.0251685

This accessory will create a fake sensor with some custom characteristics. Use one or more characteristic to limit the automation to a specific period of time (e.g. only during the winter or only during the day).


  • latitude your home latitude (used for astronomical calculations); e.g. -33.8567844
  • longitude your home longitude (used for astronomical calculations); e.g. 151.2152967

Characteristics exposed

Month of the year

The current month (1 is January, 2 is February, ..., 12 is December).

Week of the year

The week of the year, according to the Node.js locale. See moment.js documentation for more info.


The current astronomical season, based on the latitude/longitude provided.

Season Enum Value
Spring 1
Summer 2
Autumn 3
Winter 4

Season name

The label of the current season (it cannot be used for automation, use the Season characteristic instead).

Time of the day

The time of the day, based on the latitude/longitude provided.

Time of the day Enum Value
Morning Twilight 1
Sunrise 2
Daytime 3
Sunset 4
Evening Twilight 5
Nighttime 6

Time of the day label

The label for the current type of the day (it cannot be used for automation, use the Time of the day characteristic instead).

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