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Base Crud System for .Net Core Web Api
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NetStandard2.0 and NetCoreApp2.2 Utilities for Crud API System

This repo is a small framework for CRUD operation on a API System, structuread as packages:

Package Description TargetFramework
PH.Core3.Common Main package, should be referenced by all projects on solution netstandard2.0
PH.Core3.Common.Services Base Services Abstraction amd Interfaces. Should be referenced by Services project containing Interfaces netstandard2.0
PH.Core3.Common.Services.Components Base Services Implementation: should be referenced by project containing Services implementations netstandard2.0
PH.Core3.EntityFramework DAL Abstraction: should be referenced by project containing Entrity Framework Core DbContext netstandard2.0
PH.Core3.UnitOfWork Unit Of Work Interface: should be referenced only by API project for Commit and Rollback actions. netstandard2.0
PH.Core3.AspNetCoreApi API Base Package: should be referenced by Asp.Net Core API Project netcoreapp2.2

PH.Core3.Common: NuGet Badge

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