This package adds syntax definitions for the Tintin engine
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Tintin Highlighter

This package adds syntax definitions for Bow Tintin engine (

Works with Sublime Text 3, for older versions use an older release.

How to install w/Sublime Package Control

  1. Search for Bow Tintin and install it.
  2. Restart Sublime Text.
  3. Reopen any .tintin files.
  4. Enjoy :)

Sublime Text Manual Install

  1. Download or clone this repository into [install-dir]/Packages/bow-tintin
  2. Restart Sublime Text.
  3. Reopen any .tintin files.
  4. Enjoy :)

How to Contribute

  • To test a local version of the highlighter first uninstall the highlighter from package control.
  • Follow the manual installation process by cloning the repo into your packages directory.
  • Restart Sublime Text.
  • Open up the '[install-dir]/Packages/bow-tintin' folder into a new Sublime Text project.
  • Open up the tintin.tmLanguage file and make changes.
  • I have provided a test.tintin file that holds most of the common uses for testing the regex, use this to verify your changes before and after you make them to ensure the changes you make do not break anything.
  • Send a pull request with a single change per request.