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loznotes is a notation layer for conveying information about wireframes, mockups, and design comps. Originally a fork, this now a complete rewrite of Elliance's Metaframe work (http://github.com/elliance/metaframe).


  • Uses a data attribute, 'data-notation', on desired elements
  • Switches to hide note anchors by default or turn off notation completely (both anchors and pane)
  • loznotes will re-initialise the note anchors and notes tab after content is pulled in via ajax
  • Vanilla javascript and jQuery versions
  • Highlights, and scrolls to within notes tab, currently selected anchor

©2013-2014 Loz Gray - Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 3.0 Unported http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/



  • Selecting an anchor will highlight the anchor in page and in the notes tab.
  • The tab will stay open should you select another anchor.
  • Anchors now scroll to the correct note within the tab pane.


  • You can now add a note to the body element, which is used as a description for the whole page
  • CSS classes have been changed to be more BEM-ish, beginning with either 'loznote__' or 'loznotes__'
  • Change to switch notation from 'notation=' to 'loznotes='
  • URL switches should now play nicely with other substrings, and can be placed either first or after an ampersand.


  • Added a listener to the document for completion of any ajax calls. Notes tab and anchors are then re-initialised to included any added content.


  • Rewrite and corrections to readme.md


  • Added ability to use 'hide' as well as 'hidden' to hide note anchors by default
  • Fixed title of notes pane displaying as 'undefined'


  • Corrected error in Javascript


  • Name change to loznotes – I've moved it sufficiently away from the original now with a re-write of the JS, and a few new bits and bobs.
  • Addition of switches ?notations=hidden and ?notations=off


  • Removed older JS files


  • Initial release