Paparazzi is a free and open-source hardware and software project for unmanned (air) vehicles. This is the main software repository.
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Latest commit 363dec8 Feb 19, 2017 @gautierhattenberger gautierhattenberger committed with flixr Autopilot refactor (#2009)
* [autopilot] refactor autopilot API for both firmwares

With this, fixedwing and rotorcraft are mostly using the same interface
for the autopilot. Some specific code and messages handling are still
firmware dependent.
A large part of the autopilot logic of the fixedwing is moved from
main_ap to autopilot_static.
More getter/setter functions are provided.

* [autopilot] update the rest of the system and the conf

for using the refactored autopilot API

* [autopilot] fix some errors from CI servers

* [actuators] use dummy actuators module to prevent autoloading

* Rename Bart_heliDD_INDI.xml to tudelft_bs_helidd_indi.xml

* Rename Bart_heliDD_pid.xml to tudelft_bs_helidd_pid.xml

* Delete tudelft_course2016_bebop_colorfilter.xml

* Delete tudelft_course2016_bebop_avoider.xml

* [actuators] don't autoload actuators when set to 'none'

* [gcs] autodetect firmware for strip mode button
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conf Autopilot refactor (#2009) Feb 19, 2017
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Paparazzi UAS

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Paparazzi is an attempt to develop a free software Unmanned (Air) Vehicle System. As of today the system is being used successfuly by a number of hobbyists, universities and companies all over the world, on vehicle of various size ( 100g to 25Kg ) and of various nature ( fixed wing, rotorcrafts, boats and surface vehicles).

Up to date information is available in the wiki

and from the mailing list and the IRC channel (freenode, #paparazzi).

Required Software

Installation is described in the wiki (

For Ubuntu users, required packages are available in the paparazzi-uav PPA, Debian users can use the OpenSUSE Build Service repository

Debian/Ubuntu packages:

  • paparazzi-dev is the meta-package that depends on everything needed to compile and run the ground segment and the simulator.
  • paparazzi-jsbsim is needed for using JSBSim as flight dynamic model for the simulator.

Recommended cross compiling toolchain:

Directories quick and dirty description:

conf: the configuration directory (airframe, radio, ... descriptions).

data: where to put read-only data (e.g. maps, terrain elevation files, icons)

doc: documentation (diagrams, manual source files, ...)

sw: software (onboard, ground station, simulation, ...)

var: products of compilation, cache for the map tiles, ...

Compilation and demo simulation

  1. type "make" in the top directory to compile all the libraries and tools.

  2. "./paparazzi" to run the Paparazzi Center

  3. Select the "Microjet" aircraft in the upper-left A/C combo box. Select "sim" from upper-middle "target" combo box. Click "Build". When the compilation is finished, select "Simulation" from the upper-right session combo box and click "Execute".

  4. In the GCS, wait about 10s for the aircraft to be in the "Holding point" navigation block. Switch to the "Takeoff" block (lower-left blue airway button in the strip). Takeoff with the green launch button.

Uploading of the embedded software

  1. Power the flight controller board while it is connected to the PC with the USB cable.

  2. From the Paparazzi center, select the "ap" target, and click "Upload".


  1. From the Paparazzi Center, select the flight session and ... do the same than in simulation !