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Paparazzi 4.0

Changes since old_master tag


  • Settings for the telemetry modes are automatically generated from the XML file #118
  • Documentation node for modules #182
  • Automatic conversion of units in airframe file, settings and messages. See
  • Fix rc_settings: this enables you to change some settings in flight directly from the RC, is useful if you are alone or don't have a GCS.
  • Prefer compiler found in PATH over /opt/paparazzi/arm-multilib #231
  • Usability improvements for calibration scripts and added 3D view of magnetometer data with fitted ellipsoid

New hardware support


  • All control gains are now positive #127
  • RC input follows sign conventions #124
  • A modification of the transport layer (pprz and xbee) in order to allow to select the device at the message level.
  • New modules:
  • Subsystem for new ahrs estimation algorithms: float_cmpl_rmat
  • Improvements for AHRS int_cmpl_quat and float_cmpl_rmat
    • Correction of centrifugal acceleration
    • Proper handling of BODY_TO_IMU rotations
  • All status LEDs configurable (with sensible defaults for the boards): SYS_TIME_LED, AHRS_ALIGNER_LED, BARO_LED, GPS_LED, RADIO_CONTROL_LED
  • Possibility to use two 2-way switches for the mode instead of one 3-way switch
  • GPS NMEA parser usable for basic position and fix #120

Rotorcraft firmware specific

  • Stabilization/supervision commands with standard PPRZ range #169
  • Additional motor arming options #174
  • Replaced INV_M with NOMINAL_HOVER_THROTTLE (in %) To use a fixed value instead of the adaptive vertical filter #177
  • Some fixes when changing vertical guidance modes
  • Same behaviour (gains) for AP_MODE_HOVER and NAV when holding position #82

Fixedwing firmware specific

  • Using a gyro (with IR sensors) is done via imu subsystem now as well


  • JSBSim interface updated for new FGAccelerations class
  • FlightGear interface defaults to version 2.6, define FG_2_4 for 2.4
  • NPS simulator #205
    • has it's own nps target (instead of sim)
    • fdm type renamed from nps to jsbsim
    • waypoint altitude fixed
    • Improved ground interaction for JSBSim, can now initialize on ground #222
    • Radio control via joystick now uses SDL (so works on OSX as well) #232

STM32 architecture

  • Luftboot USB bootloader
  • Updated ADC defines for lisa/m You should now be able to use ADC_1, ADC_2, ADC_3 for the ADCs on the ANALOG1 #159
  • Enable second spektrum receiver via <configure name="USE_SECONDARY_SPEKTRUM_RECEIVER" value="1"/>
  • Enable new I2C driver via <configure name="USE_NEW_I2C_DRIVER"/>
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