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<!DOCTYPE flight_plan SYSTEM "flight_plan.dtd">
<flight_plan alt="250" ground_alt="185" lat0="43.46223" lon0="1.27289" max_dist_from_home="1000" name="example - Muret for loops" qfu="270" security_height="25">
<waypoints utm_x0="360284.8" utm_y0="4813595.5">
<waypoint alt="250." lat="43.4625000078" lon="1.27288231142" name="HOME" x="0.0" y="30.0"/>
<block name="init">
<while cond="(!launch)"/>
<heading course="QFU" throttle="0.8" pitch="10" until="(estimator_flight_time > 8)" vmode="throttle"/>
<heading climb="3.0" course="QFU" pitch="10" until="(estimator_z > SECURITY_ALT)" vmode="climb"/>
<block name="for">
<for from="0" to="3" var="i">
<circle alt="ground_alt+50+50*$i" radius="75" until="stage_time>10" wp="HOME"/>
<circle wp="HOME" radius="50"/>
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