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cleanup Makefiles for ocaml use newer findlib features #274

flixr opened this Issue Sep 10, 2012 · 1 comment

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Paparazzi Autopilot Team member
flixr commented Sep 10, 2012

When trying to add netclient I was annoyed by the all the config needed to link the ocaml code and found this:


This version of "findlib" is much more convenient. It comes with a new
frontend for "ocamlc" that is intelligent enought to find out most of
the compiler/linker options itself.
Link with
ocamlfind ocamlc -custom -o output -package netclient -linkpkg

Also the includes, libs, etc.. needed for ocaml are repeated in a lot of makefiles. Should be cleaned up to use one common makefile for this and using new findlib would probably also help a lot.

It might make even sense to switch to CMake to find all the dependencies... but that is another issue for later...

Paparazzi Autopilot Team member
flixr commented Jan 16, 2013

sw/tools/Makefile already uses ocamfind with the package option to find/include the libs. Not sure if that can be use for ocamlmklib as well...

@flixr flixr added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 29, 2013
@flixr flixr Merge branch 'ocamlfind_no_custom'
- Use findlib (ocamlfind) for ocaml packages.
- Create META file for pprz ocaml lib.
- Link dynamically instead of statically (no -custom), which also results in faster build times.
- Use mktemp to properly create temporary files.
- More makefile cleanup...

closes #274
@flixr flixr closed this Mar 29, 2013
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