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//You can set a command like this
//"cmd": ["command", "$file1", "$file2"]
//You can also include other command line parameters like this
//"cmd": ["command", "-parameter1", "-parameter2", "$file1", "$file2"]
// just uncomment one of the examples
// or write your own command
// NOTE: Copy/paste example below or write your own command in: Package Settings --> FileDiffs --> Settings - User
// This file will be overwritten if the package is updated.
// opendiff (FileMerge)
//"cmd": ["opendiff", "$file1", "$file2"]
// ksdiff (Kaleidoscope)
//"cmd": ["ksdiff", "$file1", "$file2"]
//twdiff (Textwrangler)
//"cmd": ["twdiff", "$file1", "$file2"]
//bbdiff (BBEdit) NOTE: Use example below if you receive error.
//"cmd": ["bbdiff", "$file1", "$file2"]
//bbdiff (BBEdit)
//"cmd" ["/usr/local/bin/bbdiff", "$file1", "$file2"]
//deltawalker (DeltaWalker)
//"cmd": ["deltawalker", "-nosplash", "$file1", "$file2"]
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