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Hugo Composable Helpers

A small set of partials to help compose your Hugo layouts.



  • Go 1.14
  • Hugo 0.61.0

If you havent already, init your project as Hugo Module:

hugo mod init site.local

Then you will need to add this module to your project's module imports:

# config.yaml

    - path:



Takes a 2 item slice and returns a dict with .Content and .Params keys.

{{ with partial "-context" (slice "Content" (dict "a" 1)) }}
  {{ .Content }} = "Content"
  {{ .Params }} = (dict "a" 1)
{{ end }}
{{ with partial "-context" (dict "a" 1) }}
  {{ .Content }} = ""
  {{ .Params }} = (dict "a" 1)
{{ end }}
{{ with partial "-context" "Content" }}
  {{ .Content }} = "Content"
  {{ .Params }} = (dict)
{{ end }}


Splits a dict into two based on the slice of keys. The result will be a two element slice where the first index is the original dict without the keys. The second index is a dict with the keys that were removed.

{{ $params := dict
  "a" 1
  "b" 2
  "c" 3

{{ with partial "-split" (slice $params (slice "a" "c"))}}
  {{ index . 0 }} = {{ dict "b" 2 }}
  {{ index . 1 }} = {{ dict "a" 1 "c" 3 }}
{{ end }}


Takes a slice of 2 elements where the first is the name of the partial to call with a .Content and .Params context. The second item is passed to -context to be used as context.

{{ define "partials/with-content-and-params" }}
  {{ . }} = {{ dict "Content" "some-content" "Params" (dict "a" 1) }}
{{ end }}

{{ partial "-call" (slice "with-content-and-params" (slice "some content" (dict "a" 1)))}}
{{ define "partials/with-content-and-params" }}
  {{ . }} = {{ dict "Content" "some-content" "Params" (dict) }}
{{ end }}

{{ partial "-call" (slice "with-content" "some content")}}


Dnymaically compose HTML tags based on data. The context is parsed with -context

{{ partial "-element" (slice "Hello World" (dict "class" "bg-red-200"))}}
<div class="bg-red-200">Hello World</div>
{{ partial "-element" (slice "Hello World" (dict "tag" "span" "class" "bg-red-200"))}}
<span class="bg-red-200">Hello World</span>

It even handles for self closing tags.

{{ partial "-element" (slice "Hello World" (dict "tag" "img" "class" "bg-red-200" "src" "image.jpg"))}}
<img class="bg-red-200" src="img.jpg" />

You can use the -element partial to compose inside out layouts.

{{ partial "-element" (dict "tag" "img" "class" "w-full h-full object-cover" "src" "image.jpg")}}
  {{ partial "-element" (slice . (dict "class" "aspect-w-2 aspect-h-1"))}}
{{ end }}
<div class="aspect-w-2 aspect-h-1">
  <img class="w-full h-full object-cover" src="img.jpg" />


Compose dynamic html attributes as a dict instead of complex and messy if logic.

{{ $class := "bg-red-200" }}

{{ with partial "-html-attrs" (dict "class" (slice "sm:px-8" $class)) }}
  <div {{ . }}></div>
{{ end }}
<div class="sm:px-8 bg-red-200"></div>


Combines the values of a slice of maps with the separator

{{ $separator := " " }}
{{ $a := dict "class" "text-white" "style" "position: absolute;" }}
{{ $b := dict "class" "bg-black" "style" "font-size: 1rem;" }}

{{ partial "-combine" (slice $a $b $separator) }} 
map[class:bg-black text-white style:font-size: 1rem; position: absolute;] 


Loads the svg content from a file in the assets folder and embeds the svg into your page. A dict passed as the second slice item will be treated as html attributes and merged into the svg element.

<!-- assets/logo.svg -->
<svg class="hidden" viewBox="0 0 300 200" xmlns=""></svg>
{{ partial "-svg" (slice "logo.svg" (dict
  "class" "md:block md:h-32"
<svg class="hidden md:block md:h-32" viewBox="0 0 300 200" xmlns=""></svg>


{{ partial "-replace-element" (slice "<div></div>" (dict
  "class" "hidden md:block md:h-32"
<div class="hidden md:block md:h-32"></div>


Extracts the html attributes of an html element and returns a dict.

{{ partial "-extract-attrs" "<div class=\"bg-black text-white\" style=\"font-size: 1rem; position: absolute;\"></div>" }} 
map[class:bg-black text-white style:font-size: 1rem; position: absolute;] 


Composable helper partials for Hugo







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