Node.js file based CMS inspired by Kirby & Stacey.
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Node.js file based CMS inspired by Kirby & Stacey.

Used amongst others for (Source:


  • Tree structure with parents and children defined by files and directories in your site directory
  • No database
  • Markdown content files where any new line starting with 'propertyname:' defines a property on the page
  • Listens to file-system changes and rebuilds the site if needed
  • Live Reload: Automatically reloads the browser whenever you edit a content file, static asset or template
  • Page type specific Jade templates
  • Thumbnails: resizing, max width/height, cropping
  • Image / file captions
  • Pagination
  • Express web server for local testing or actual serving of content
  • Sync site to S3 bucket
  • Export site to directory
  • Basic multi-language support


  • Tests
  • FTP syncing


Woods requires Graphics Magick to be installed on your system:


npm install woods -g

Then point your browser to: http://localhost:3000/


Usage: woods [directory]


  -h, --help                output usage information
  -V, --version             output the version number
  -p, --port [3000]         The server port
  -s, --sync                Sync site to s3
  -e, --export [directory]  Export site to directory

(Don't forget to turn on your Live Reload plugin while editing)


This project is licensed under the MIT license.