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Support always showing legend.

Support three states for the hideLegend graph option:
  * missing (default): show legend if fewer than 10 metrics
  * 'on': always hide the legend
  * false: always show the legend
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1 parent d9987d7 commit 3932bedbdf350668f5447d47019ade3318cfede6 @ktheory ktheory committed Jun 2, 2012
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@@ -155,8 +155,11 @@
%label{for: 'check_hideAxes'} Hide Axes
%input{type: 'checkbox', id: 'check_hideAxes', name: 'options[hideAxes]'}
- %label{for: 'check_hideLegend'} Hide Legend
- %input{type: 'checkbox', id: 'check_hideLegend', name: 'options[hideLegend]'}
+ %label Hide Legend
+ %select{name: 'options[hideLegend]'}
+ %option
+ %option{value: 'on'} always hide
+ %option{value: 'false'} always show
%label{for: 'check_drawNullAsZero'} Draw Null as Zero
%input{type: 'checkbox', id: 'check_drawNullAsZero', name: 'options[drawNullAsZero]'}

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