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Hi Chris,
as suggested in #25 solution I installed the updated version for zotero 0.3.3.
However the problem still remain, "Flight Paths" is not working :
As soon as I launch the option python starts (a empy black windows open) and an white background page is generated within firefox (zotero://papermachines/geoparser_flightpaths/C109) is generated showing a green progressing bar. However soon after the page changes showing the following :

Flight Paths: 0 - prova
The process log is displayed below. Refreshing status in 15 seconds.

INFO:root:command: D:\99\ -\ Profilo\ Zotero\zotero\papermachines\processors\ D:\99\ -\ Profilo\ Zotero\zotero\papermachines\args\b320a656.json
ERROR:root:Traceback (most recent call last):
File "D:\99 - Profilo Zotero\zotero\papermachines\processors\", line 119, in processor.process()
File "D:\99 - Profilo Zotero\zotero\papermachines\processors\", line 105, in process params = {"STARTDATE": str(min linksByYear.keys())),
ValueError: min() arg is an empty sequence

Than this page alternates with the one showing the progressing green bar in a loop market by a flashing black windows. The process never end unless firefox is shutted down.

Any suggestion on how to solve this problem ?

Thank you very much for your support.

An Italian fan

My system is configured as follows:

SO Windows 7 Home Premium - Service Pack 1
Firefox 17.0.1
Zotero plugin for Firefox 3.0.11
Paper Machines plugin for zotero 0.3.3
Python 2.7.3 installed in c:\Program File\Python27\
Zotero Profile installed in D:\99 - Profilo Zotero\


It seems that the program couldn't find places of publication for the documents in your collection. Is the "Place" field set for those items, and if you search for that place on GeoNames, does it show up?


I have tested the option on a small folder containing just two items a book and a journal article, the former shows the place of publication the latter doesn't, however with the same two items in the folder the "Heat map" shows properly the positions on the map (one in Germany the other in Italy).

For the book I checked the place of publication on GeoNames, it does show up, for the journal article the place of publication I couldn't as mentioned above.

Any suggestion ?
An Italian fan

PS : The default language for my zotero installation is Italian, does it matter ?


I tries with a large folder (200+ Items) and now seems working well.
Thank you
An Italian fan

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