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How does it work?

We pick a paper and a speaker prior to the meetup. The speaker presents the paper, and the presentation is followed by a discussion where we discuss the ideas in the paper, it's practical implications, related research, future work etc., You can show off some implementation or your thoughts on the paper. The event will be quite informal and can go on for about 1-2 hours.

Wait, but why the **** ?!

Because it's fun to read papers and talk about it. The speaker walks us through the paper and it's background, helps us understand the math and demystify the technical jargon. You learn a lot and also get different perspectives. Overall, its a great opportunity to know about different areas of research in computer science.

Should I attend?

Of course! The members are a blend of engineers, hackers, researchers and students. Irrespective of your background, you are welcome to attend and indulge in the science.

Can I help?

Was hoping you'd ask this one. Papers We Love is community driven, so you are welcome to start a discussion, present a paper, help organize or host a meetup. Currently, we are in need of a co-organizer to help us out. Please get in touch with the current organizers if you are interested :)