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Surface reconstruction

Object modeling

Photo editing

  • Deep Photo Style Transfer (2017) - Code - A deep-learning approach to photographic style transfer (that is, taking the style of one photo and automatically applying it to another). The images in this paper are gorgeous.


Bump mapping

Interior mapping

Procedural modeling

Mesh Editing

  • PushPull++

    Of all the ways to manipulate a 3D mesh, push/ technique popularized by SketchUp is one of the most approachable and fun. PushPull++ is a recent paper that elaborates on the technique, cleaning up a lot of edge cases and unlocking new features, using wonderfully straightforward math. The potential for 3D modeling tools or procedural mesh generation APIs built on these simple ideas is very exciting. The paper presents the technique and the tool that the authors built. I will focus on the technique, as s the part I loved more in this paper (quote by Ramsey Nasser).

Image Processing

Shape grammars