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Heroku command-line plugin to tail and search logs
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Papertrail Heroku plugin

Extends heroku command-line app to display, tail, and search Heroku app and platform logs on Papertrail.


$ heroku plugins:install

The plugin includes all required dependencies.


$ heroku pt:logs [-t] [query]

  -t      # continually stream logs (tail)
  query   # Boolean search filter

$ heroku addons:open papertrail


Add Papertrail's Heroku log management addon to your app(s), then run heroku pt:logs. Examples:

$ heroku pt:logs


$ heroku pt:logs -t

Specify a Heroku app name, tail, and show only logs containing router:

$ heroku pt:logs --app wopr -t router

Create shortcuts to invoke CLI or open Web interface:

$ alias logs="heroku pt:logs --app wopr -t"
$ logs JoshuaController

$ alias pt="heroku addons:open --app wopr papertrail"
$ pt

Advanced Examples

To search for quoted phrases, enclose entire query in double quotes (consistent with other shell tools):

$ heroku pt:logs "'Sent mail to' cron"
$ heroku pt:logs -t "'status=50' OR 'Completed in'"

Use parenthesis and exclusion (-):

$ heroku pt:logs --app wopr -t "'State changed' OR (router ('status=50' OR 'Error H'))"
$ heroku pt:logs "router -'queue=0'"

More: Search syntax


Prerequisites (gems):

  • mocha
  • papertrail
  • heroku

Run with:

$ ruby test/papertrail_test.rb
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