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Port of Twitter's Scala JVM-profiler to Java
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JVM cpu profiler

A pure-java implementation of the twitter/util project's CpuProfile and related classes.

Original Scala sources:


The CpuProfile.record method will record samples of stacktrace elements and return a CpuProfile object. That object can then be written into a pprof-parseable format using CpuProfile.writeGoogleProfile.

There is a provided JAX-RS resource that makes this simple to use with an http service. For example, with a Dropwizard application:


Which exposes the URLs /pprof/contention that detects blocked threads, and /pprof/profile that detects runnable threads. Here is an example of using curl to retrieve a profile and turn it into a PDF:

curl http://localhost:8181/pprof/contention > prof
pprof --pdf prof > profile.pdf
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