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@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ Install the gem, which includes a binary called "remote_syslog":
$ [sudo] gem install remote_syslog
Optionally, create a log_files.yml with the log file paths to read and the
-host/port to log to (see [examples/log_files.yml.example]). These can also be
+host/port to log to (see examples/[log_files.yml.example][sample config]). These can also be
specified as command-line arguments (below).
@@ -115,16 +115,17 @@ Provide `--hostname somehostname` or use the `hostname` configuration option:
hostname: somehostname
-## Run multiple instances
+### Multiple instances
Run multiple instances to support more than one message-specific file format
-(concurrently) or to specify distinct syslog hostnames. To do so, provide
-an alternative PID filename as a command-line option to additional
-instance(s), such as:
+or to specify unique syslog hostnames.
+To do that, provide an alternate PID filename as a command-line option
+to the additional instance(s). For example:
-### Parse fields from messages
+### Parse fields from log messages
Rarely needed. Usually only used when remote_syslog is watching files
generated by syslogd (rather than by apps), like ``/var/log/messages``.
@@ -161,8 +162,8 @@ doesn't provide a value. For example, given the log message:
something-meaningless The log message
One could use a regex to ignore "something-meaningless" (and not to extract
-a program or hostname). To ignore the first word and return 3 empty values
-then the log message, use this custom regex:
+a program or hostname). To ignore that prefix and return 3 empty values
+then the log message, use parse_fields with this regex:
parse_fields: "something-meaningless ()()()(.*)"
@@ -187,9 +188,8 @@ Once you've made your great commits:
5. Create a Pull Request or an [Issue][is] with a link to your branch
6. That's it!
[sample config]:
[advanced config]:
0 examples/log_files.yml.example.complete → examples/log_files.yml.example.advanced
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