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Spring Boot Pivotal Cloud Cache Demo

The following demo shows how to use Pivotal Cloud Cache from a Spring Boot application.

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  • Create a Pivotal Cloud Cache service instance as shown below
$ cf create-service p-cloudcache extra-small pas-pcc
Creating service instance pas-pcc in org pivot-papicella / space development as

Create in progress. Use 'cf services' or 'cf service pas-pcc' to check operation status.
  • Install Spring Cloud GemFire Connector dependencies into your local Maven repo:
$ git clone -b v1.1.0  
$ cd spring-cloud-gemfire-connector  
$ gradle clean install
  • Connect to your PCC service using GemFire GFSH as shown below and create the "employee" region
gfsh>create region --name=employee --type=PARTITION
              Member                | Status
----------------------------------- | -------------------------------------------------------------------
cacheserver-PCF-PEZ-Heritage-RP04-1 | Region "/employee" created on "cacheserver-PCF-PEZ-Heritage-RP04-1"
cacheserver-PCF-PEZ-Heritage-RP04-3 | Region "/employee" created on "cacheserver-PCF-PEZ-Heritage-RP04-3"
cacheserver-PCF-PEZ-Heritage-RP04-0 | Region "/employee" created on "cacheserver-PCF-PEZ-Heritage-RP04-0"
cacheserver-PCF-PEZ-Heritage-RP04-2 | Region "/employee" created on "cacheserver-PCF-PEZ-Heritage-RP04-2"
  • clone the project code as follows
$ git clone
  • Package as shown below
$ cd SpringBootPCCDemo
$ mvn package
  • Edit manifest.yml to add the correct service name, if you used the name above you won't have to change this
- name: pas-pcc-springboot
  random-route: true
  path: ./target/springboot-pcc-demo-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
  buildpack: java_buildpack_offline
  - pas-pcc
  • Push to Pivotal Cloud Foundry as follows
$ cf push

Pas Apicella [papicella at] is a Senior Platform Architect at Pivotal Australia