Powerful and highly extensible command-line based document and bibliography manager.
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Papis is a powerful and highly extensible command-line based document and bibliography manager.


Learn more:

  • Take a look at the documentation!
  • The folks at OSTechNix have dedicated us a review, you may also check it out here.
  • A review in Spanish is also available at ubunlog.

Main features

  • Synchronizing of documents: put your documents in some folder and synchronize it using the tools you love: git, dropbox, rsync, OwnCloud, Google Drive ... whatever.
  • Share libraries with colleagues without forcing them to open an account, nowhere, never.
  • Download directly paper information from DOI number via Crossref.
  • (optional) scihub support, use the example papis script examples/scripts/papis-scihub to download papers from scihub and add them to your library with all the relevant information, in a matter of seconds, also you can check the documentation here.
  • Import from Zotero and other managers using the script in examples/scripts/papis-zotero (doc).
  • Create custom scripts to help you achieve great tasks easily (doc).
  • Export documents into many formats (bibtex, yaml..)
  • Command-line granularity, all the power of a library at the tip of your fingers.


Contributions are very welcome! Take a look at the files CONTRIBUTING.md for general rules, ROADMAP.md for possible contribution topics and HACKING.md for additional code-related information.

Super quick start

Install papis with pip3

sudo pip3 install papis

Let us download a couple of documents

wget http://www.gnu.org/s/libc/manual/pdf/libc.pdf
wget http://www.ams.org/notices/201304/rnoti-p434.pdf

Now add them to the (defaultly created) library, you can set any keyword you like already when adding documents, for instance you can set the year --set year 2018 or tags for organizing --set tags programming,

papis add libc.pdf --set author "Sandra Loosemore" --set title "GNU C reference manual" --set year 2018 --set tags programming --confirm
# Get paper information automatically via de DOI
papis add --from-doi 10.1090/noti963 --set tags programming rnoti-p434.pdf

Now open one for example, or edit them

papis open
papis edit

superquickstartsvg1 Or edit them and export them to bibtex

papis export --all --bibtex > mylib.bib


find help messages in all commands:

papis -h
papis add -h

asciicast_help AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!


See the AUTHORS list for a list of authored commits.