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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?oxygen RNGSchema="" type="xml"?>
<TEI xmlns="" n="0265;;34" xml:id="p.palaurib.34" xml:lang="en">
            <authority>NYU Digital Library Technology Services</authority>
            <idno type="filename">p.palaurib.34</idno>
            <idno type="ddb-perseus-style">0265;;34</idno>
            <idno type="ddb-hybrid">p.palaurib;;34</idno>
            <idno type="HGV">32150</idno>
            <idno type="TM">32150</idno>
               <p>© Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri. This work is licensed under a <ref type="license" target="">Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License</ref>.</p>
            <language ident="en">English</language>
            <language ident="grc">Greek</language>
          <change when="2011-12-14" who="">rationalized languages in langUsage</change>
          <change when="2011-12-14" who="">changed editor names to URIs</change>
          <change when="2010-05-05" who="">changed schema; added xml:space=preserve; indented; moved title/@n to idno</change>
          <change when="2009-11-12" who="">Added language la-Grek</change>
          <change when="2009-06-27" who="">Converted from TEI P4 (EpiDoc DTD v. 6) to P5 (EpiDoc RNG schema)</change>
          <change when="2008-12-23" who="">Automated split from transcoder files</change>
         <head n="32150" xml:lang="en">
            <date>III spc</date>
         <div xml:lang="grc" type="edition" xml:space="preserve"><div n="r" type="textpart"><!--milestone unit="4"--><ab>

    <lb n="1"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/><supplied reason="lost"> Αὐρήλ</supplied>ιος Σερ<gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>

    <lb n="2"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> πλεῖστα <supplied reason="lost">χαίρειν </supplied><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>

    <lb n="3"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>θαρρῶν ᾗ ἔχω <gap reason="illegible" quantity="2" unit="character"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>

    <lb n="4"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> ὑπενόουν σε <gap reason="illegible" quantity="3" unit="character"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>

    <lb n="5"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/><supplied reason="lost"></supplied>δωκα ἐντολικοῦ <gap reason="illegible" quantity="2" unit="character"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>

    <lb n="6"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>ματίου καὶ τὰ π<gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>

    <lb n="7"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>νων διαβεβαι<supplied reason="lost">ου- </supplied><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>

    <lb n="8"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/><gap reason="illegible" quantity="1" unit="character"/> <supplied reason="lost">το</supplied><unclear></unclear> ὑπομνή<supplied reason="lost">ματος </supplied><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>
</ab></div><div n="v" type="textpart"><!--milestone unit="4"--><ab>

    <lb n="9"/>Αὐρηλίῳ Διογένε<supplied reason="lost">ι</supplied> βα<gap reason="illegible" quantity="1" unit="character"/><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/></ab></div></div>
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