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 - Vote - Accept-Straight-to-Finalization - accept. (Joshua D. Sosin)
 - Finalized - ready (Joshua D. Sosin)
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commit 259a5f158f456b59805dcba72a13a33d4da79bfc 1 parent 7db6b4b
Joshua D. Sosin authored
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  1. +2 −0  HGV_trans_EpiDoc/114239.xml
2  HGV_trans_EpiDoc/114239.xml
@@ -32,6 +32,8 @@
+ <change when="2011-08-01T20:12:56.211-04:00" who="Joshua D. Sosin">Finalized - ready</change>
+ <change when="2011-08-01T20:12:56.208-04:00" who="Joshua D. Sosin">Vote - Accept-Straight-to-Finalization - accept.</change>
<change when="2011-07-13T11:30:00.148-04:00" who="Jesse Hoffman">I have entered the translation of N. Gonis.</change>
<change when="2011-07-12T23:11:46-04:00" who="SoSOL">Automated creation from template</change>
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