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<biblScope type="pp" from="203" to="212">203-212</biblScope>
<note type="illustration">Fig. 1-2</note>
<note n="1" resp="#BP">Presents an unattested type of school exercise in which the literary and the mathematical tasks merge. - 1. The Yale Tablet, Side A (PCtYBR Inv. 3678, TM 61399) [P. Yale Inv. 3678 (= MP3 2736.21; LDAB 2543; S.B. XXIV, 15905)]. Dating clause, name of the writer, passage from the Isocratean ad Demonicum 17, list of the twelve Egyptian months. - 2. The Maltomini-Römer Tablet, Side A (TM 61398) [T. Coll. privées (= MP3 2736; LDAB 2542)].</note>
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