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Entered data for "Les vaisseaux du désert et des steppes"
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jcowey authored and Paul Heilporn committed Apr 6, 2020
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<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<bibl xmlns="" xml:id="b2020-0001" type="book" subtype="edited" xml:lang="fr">
<title level="m" type="main">Les vaisseaux du désert et des steppes. Les camélidés dans l’Antiquité (Camelus dromedarius et Camelus bactrianus)</title>
<title level="s" type="main">Archéologie(s)</title>
<biblScope type="volume">2</biblScope>
<author n="1">
<author n="2">
<pubPlace n="1">Lyon</pubPlace>
<publisher n="1">MOM Éditions</publisher>
<note type="pageCount">292</note>
<ptr target=""/>

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