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jcowey committed Apr 6, 2020
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<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<bibl xmlns="" xml:id="b95650" type="article" subtype="book" xml:lang="fr">
<title level="a" type="main">L’élevage des chameaux sur la route d’Edfou à Bérénice d’après une lettre trouvée à Bi’r Samut (iiie siècle av. J.‑C.)</title>
<author n="1">
<biblScope type="pp" from="171" to="180">171-180</biblScope>
<relatedItem type="appearsIn" n="1">
<ptr target=""/>
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<!-- ignore - stop -->
<idno type="pi">95650</idno>

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