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Finalization merge of branch 'DDbDP_Editorial_Board/2019/09/10/andrea…

….bernini82/2019/09/05/C.Epist.Lat._158' into canonical master
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jcowey committed Sep 10, 2019
2 parents 61e5679 + 5f4211b commit 9d4c2235f021bb6b01f52abedba71ce88b632c3e
Showing with 9 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +9 −6 DDB_EpiDoc_XML/
@@ -31,6 +31,12 @@
<change when="2019-09-10T13:50:06-04:00"
who="">Finalized - Ready.</change>
<change when="2019-09-10T13:43:52-04:00"
who="">Vote - Accept-Straight-to-Finalization - Fine</change>
<change when="2019-09-05T12:27:02-04:00"
who="">Submit - Corrected word division in ll. 4-5</change>
<change when="2011-12-14" who="">rationalized languages in langUsage</change>
<change when="2011-12-14" who="">changed editor names to URIs</change>
<change when="2011-03-02" who="">batch converted all tei:sic to tei:orig and tei:corr to tei:reg</change>
@@ -43,9 +49,8 @@
<head n="69865" xml:lang="en">
<date>II spc</date>
<placeName>Latopolis Magna</placeName>
<note xml:lang="en">o</note>
<div xml:lang="la" type="edition" xml:space="preserve"><ab>
<lb n="1"/>Domitio Respecto <expan>praef<ex>ecto</ex></expan> suo
@@ -54,11 +59,9 @@

<lb n="3"/>Onnuphrin Panamea <expan>eq<ex>uitem</ex></expan>

<lb n="4"/>turma Procli <choice><reg>dimisi</reg><orig>dismisi</orig></choice> ex
<lb n="4"/>turma Procli <choice><reg>dimisi</reg><orig>dismisi</orig></choice> ex cur

<lb n="4/5"/>cursu

<lb n="5"/><num>VIII</num> <expan>K<ex>alendas</ex></expan> Ianuarias
<lb n="5" break="no"/>su <num value="8">VIII</num> <expan>K<ex>alendas</ex></expan> Ianuarias

<lb n="6"/>opto te domine

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