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Powerpack is the tool that takes Arch packages and builds an OSTree repository and disk images for a specified Papyros channel.

The Powerpack tools used to create an OSTree repository and disk image are based on ETA, an abandoned and non-functional project to create OSTree repository and disk image from a list of Arch Linux packages.

Currently, there are two sample channels: gnome, and papyros. The GNOME one is a simple channel with just the GNOME features installed, for testing OSTree. The Papyros will eventually be the full Papyros operating system, but currently only has a few framework packages included.

To build the extra packages not included in the Arch repositories, run:


After building the extra packages, create the operating system structure, install the necessary packages, and commit it to the OSTree repository by running:

./bin/powerpack-commit gnome

Now, to create a 5GB disk image for testing, run:

./bin/powerpack-pack gnome

You can take that IMG file and create a virtualbox harddrive image using:

VBoxManage convertfromraw -format VDI build/gnome/gnome.img build/gnome/gnome.vdi

Boot your shiny new system and enjoy!